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The CV is our introduction for getting not only a job, but also the opportunity to get a job interview. We have to present an organized, logical, and effective curriculum that will call the attention of the interviewer, who should be able to see all of our capacities, studies, and experience in just a quick glance. How many times have you changed the design of your CV so that it makes a better impression?

CurriculumQ makes it easier to do this task on your own. This program will create a professional presentation letter very quickly, helping you obtain a comprehensive and improved CV.

The CV that this software creates is the one of the most widely accepted in the working world. It organizes your studies and capacities chronologically.

CurriculumQ also includes a spell check so that no mistake will cost you a possible job. The application also has customizable templates, the possibility of exporting to PDF, direct printing in DIN A4, and customizable texts.

It's a perfect tool that creates your CV by grouping your information into five categories: personal data, schooling, experience, languages, and computing and other data. There won't be any missing details regarding the things you know how to do.

Requires Internet connection.


Trial version lasts 14 days or 5 uses.

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